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Kspiral Marketing Solutions Limited works with brands & manufacturers from a variety of industries including: consumer and fashion

Company Profile

Kspiral Marketing Solutions Limited is an expert in providing business solutions for the import, development, sales & marketing of brands & products throughout Nigeria. Kspiral is a full service marketing & distribution company that provides business processes & strategies to corporate entities for brand development & management. We distribute across all market points including retail chain stores, fashion outlets and shoe stores. We work with brands including Nike, Reef, Sperry, Mary Ruth, Crocs and more. 

We develop cutting edge marketing solutions that give our clients competitive edge in their niche market. 

Our head office is located near the main port in Lagos, Nigeria. We have 3 offices & 2 warehouses throughout Nigeria. 

Kspiral Marketing Solutions is a private company that has been in business since September 2009. The owner of the company,has a Bsc. in applied biochemistry & an MBA from the University of South Whales. He has more than 15+ years of experience in the dental & healthcare industries in Nigeria & sub-Saharan Africa.


To drive & grow sales every day by reaching every dental practice, hospital, medical centers & relevant businesses with our service & supplies at the most affordable pricing in the market. ​

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